Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Sunday 25 March 2012

Ok weapon update

 A little slimmer and a little more detail. More to be added once I get back from India. Optic Sights and gun barrel section. Maybe a little more join details

sorry about the previous error, pictures some how disappeared!

See you soon


Friday 23 March 2012

More mod's

Here are some more modified infantry with bullpup rifles. I'ts called the AK-200B.  The squad leader has a SMG version called the AK-200S.  It works in sand,mud and water with minimum maintenance, just like the AK's of old, however this little beauty uses advanced composites and caseless ammunition. It packs a hefty punch, with the option of HP and AP rounds for heavier armoured foes. This little weapon, allows the Neo Sov (Rusks) forces to take on all comers for the foreseeable future. With mineral exploration starting on several new worlds, a little extra fire power can make all the difference when things are up for grabs!
The first outing with the Neo Sovs is coming the Monday after next.  Bat Rep to follow!
 It also depends if I get back from Business in India all in one working order!


 Im just working on the LMG, however struggling a little in what to do with it. Think it might be a extended bullpup rifle, with launcher attached. I may get these professionally redone also. Not quite sure they are good enough for sale.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Figure modifications....

well, Ive been asked by a few people about modifications, different this, different that etc and all of them are pretty good suggestions, other then costs! So I thought id try one with a more modern bullpup weapon to see how it went. Let me know what you think. Its very rough, however gives me something to think on.

Edit* Ive added a little more detail. The officer has a site a little to large, so Ive cut it down. Didnt have time for the photo, the Everton match is on!

Thursday 15 March 2012

More concepts...

As I am on a role with concepts......

some more!
Its a fairly low level APC, built around an existing tank chassis. Rather like the BTR-T that was mentioned on here and hopefully just that little bit different . Details, like lights, rivets, hatches to be added, however it will have some options for different gun mountings.

May need to work the front track arches. Might be smidgin to biy

comments welcome

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Hi all

just a thanks again for all your orders, would love to see some painted copies as and when you have them. Ill pick what I think is the best and send a free pack out to them. So in fact, I guess this is an announcement for a picture painting competetion. Lets say closing entry is the 7th of April. You will just need to send me your pics of my painted miniatures :)

On figure related news, Ive been working on some concept models and wondered what you thought of them? All comments welcome....well most of them are....:)

 This is purely for concept I think, been playing with 3d software and getting shapeways to print them. Still working on design, however its very very difficult getting it to work with shapeways. I.e a full mesh without holes! If I see a way of getting my costs back on this, I may get somone to make it from scratch using my designs and look at creating a resin mould
 This is the basic tank treds for the ammo carrier and Aegis system (mortar, AA missiles etc) I need to add the detail, however it is water tight and printable!
Finally more concept of the ATG rail gun Im working on, Ive had good feedback already on this and the design is being modified. Some of it is down to the barrel being to thin to print and some because what I was sent looks better :)

Anyhow, some of this is near and some of this is far away :) Feedback allways welcome


p.s - Im also playing around with the web design on this page. Its still not how I want it. I want buttons to go to a gallery, design section and order section.  As you may tell, Im still learning.....