Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 7 December 2012

Final Stretch Goal Reached!!!!

A huge and massive thank you! I could not of got their without all your support! We only have 12 hours to go, so Its unlikely I will try stretch into the vehicles. I can assure you, that vehicles will not go away! Ill continue to work on them, so if all go's well they will be available shortly after everyone has their reward items. I can tell you it will be based on the next generation of armored vehicles the British forces are looking, with a sci fi twist! Take a look on Google for the British FRES program.
I can tell you that work has already began on the infantry figures, which will be followed by the SAS commandos and the Power Armour suits. I also have the heavy weapons almost ready and will post greens up in the next week or so. I will not say we are ahead of time as I don't want to underestimate the task of molding and casting all those orders, however all the ticks are nicely placed to help get them out as quick as possible!
Ill will continue to regularly provide updates, show greens, show concept art (SAS and Power armor) and try put your feedback into them. So the most important thing I ask you to do is to keep sending me your ideas. They have been and will be a great help in shaping our new troops!
Again I have to thank you all. Ive said it a lot and will continue to do so! It is truly felt
gobsmacked from a cold and wet England :)

Wednesday 5 December 2012

New Rusk forces available online at BlackHat Miniatures

A few new items are now all available online at the great BlackHat Miniatures. You can either go direct or follow the links at the top and right of the pages

 erm or I can just post it I will. Crazy I know! :)

First up are the Rusk sponsored Militia. Available with mostly the same range of weaponary and equipment, however without the integrated helmet and weapon options. Instead trusty old sights have been added and a lower tech helmet.

Also available are the new Spetsnz commando forces. Ill get some painted copies up soon....however given how much is going on, hopefully some of the better painters out there will have pics up on their blogs before I get round to doing them! hint cough cough :) These spetsnaz are greatly up-gunned with modern combat backpacks. They can also provide their own scouting needs with a remote scouting drone. This can be attached to one of the troopers backpacks are attached to a little wire.

Plus the very handy little operators are now available in a pack of six
Useful for many things

And finally the Medevac version of the hugely successful MULE range (note the high level of sarcasm in that :))

Anyhow....Ill get painted copies up soon as possible!

comments and feedback welcome

thanks again



Tuesday 4 December 2012

Kickstarter Commander! WIP

I have just received this fabulous WIP of  the commander figure which will be part of all kickstarter awards above the £25 level.

A little more detail is to be added, to bring up to a more future world, however lets be honest...the British Commander is very unlikely to change to much!

hope you like him as much as I do!



Monday 3 December 2012

4 days to go!

4 days to go and  I have an amazing 126% completed! More importantly I am now very near another stretch goal, the support weapons squad. This will consist of a Sniper/ATR team , a AA missile and a heavy ATGM team.

Following that I will have the Heavy support teams.

I appreciate all the fantastic support I have had. With a little more push, I will have a great foundation for the Greater Britannia Commonwealth Brit forces!

Thanks again all!


Thursday 29 November 2012

Light mortar added

And a light mortar adaption

I quite like it, will need a slightly wider barrel and a big magazine/ dispenser on the far side.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Heavy Weapons ideas.....

 In the countdown and awaiting some greens to show you, I thought Id show you what the heavy weapons will likely look like. Its will be very much based on the XM 307 and XM 312. The 25mm grenade launcher and .50ish cal HMG. Each crew will be manned by a two man team, with observers being available as part of the HQ squad if youd prefere one.
comments welcome

Im still thinking on an Heavy ATGM or mortar
comments welcome

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Updated Combat medic

Ever the pefect concept artist Jared Blando kindly retouched his combat medic as he was not quite happy with it. I was! However, here is the updated version, which will be part of the the already reached HQ squad.

Thanks Jared
you can find all of Jareds work at
Go have a look, you might even find some ideas for me :)


Friday 23 November 2012

In the meantime...converted MULE

As I am waiting on the Kickstarter campaign (thanks all!) I had a little play with my MULE vehicles and run a quick conversion

Ive a newer improved version on its way, however heres something I put together and painted up

Monday 19 November 2012

ATGM - support Squad

All part of the Support Squad. The ATGM firer. The gunner will come with an assistant. Hope you like it!

comments welcome

Friday 16 November 2012

The Militia are here....


Despite the trials of my kickstarter I have managed to complete the infantry releases of my militia troops. I'm hoping they can be used in a variety of ways from sov sponsored states, militia, irregulars etc etc! They have a quick and easy paint job, however I think they have come out ok. Quite happy for them to head to the battlefield soon!

The RPG and command to follow soon and should be available to order in the very near future

Comments welcome



Optional Heads Kickstarter Update

Good morning all
As your wonderful support brings me closer to my first goal, I started thinking about the optional heads I have talked about. Berets and Bush hats are the first items that come to mind so I thought Id ask my concept artist Jared Blando to come up with artwork.

So here it is!

Thursday 15 November 2012

A new Logo......

With warm thanks to Colin better know as Eclipsing Binaries , I bring to you a new and more professional logo!

hope you like it as much as me :) Hes done a great job!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Painting services for KS

A quick update on the painting service for my kickstarter...

After an X factor style contest, without the singing, or the contest to be fair, I have decided to the use the excellent UK company FOW ww2 wargamespainting painting services .Do not let the name fool you, they are happy to paint sci fi figures to the same excellent standard and to be quite honest my sci fi ultra modern forces fit right into their paint schemes and are very similar to ww2 and today's modern forces. Take a look at their website and decide yourselves.

All Kickstarter painting rewards will be painting to an equal standard. Just to back this claim up, the company recently came out top of a TMP poll to find the best WW2 painting services. Praise indeed!

If you require any reward level painted, please get in touch with me . I have provisional slots in position and  I can pass on any savings I receive direct  to you


Monday 12 November 2012

I bring to you.....the Combat Medic

With the ongoing Kickstarter campaign coming along very nicely (again thanks!) I have had another concept piece of artwork drawn up. Its a figure in  HQ pack and it is the combat medic

Hope you like it. All feedback welcome.



Wednesday 7 November 2012


I am very pleased to announce the opening of my kickstarter project! Its taken a little longer then hoped and I probably have the odd mistake, however please have a look. I appreciate all the kind words and support I have had setting up this kickstarter and armiesarmy miniatures. Its been a pleasure!
So without further ado


Please spread the word. If I am successful and can cover my costs, Ill soon move onto further projects!
thank you

Monday 5 November 2012

Kickstarter is near.....

Just a quick update on my Kickstarter campaign. Ive had a lot of useful feedback and help so first of all, many thanks! Appreciated as always!
So kickstarter.....Its submitted and I am just awaiting the green light from them to deploy. When its ready, I would really appreciate pointing any friends, websites, blogs, forums towards it! The more people that know the better!Secondly if you can think of any websites I should be in touch with, please let me know!

Ill be back in touch as soon as it is released. It should only take a day or two, however when its out , if you do see any glaring errors or something that does not make sense that drop me a note to let me know and I can change it. Also if you'd like to see different pledge levels Id be happy to oblige if I can help!


Cheers all!


Friday 2 November 2012

Operation Kickstart

Well almost.

Here is a little 'teaser' for the opening kickstart campaign

More details soon....




Thursday 1 November 2012

At the risk of being in line for release..Militia

At risk of overdoing this all....

Have a look at whats next in the frame to be released. Basic Militia troops

 I think they can be used for generic low grade troops, Rusk Militita or pretty much what you like!

Ill certainly be making some for my own use, just wondered if interest would allow me to spend a few more quid to get them into production.

thanks all


Wednesday 31 October 2012


I managed to get a little more work on the commonwealth trooper today (still working on name) which will hopefully kickstart me into action (pun intended) for my kickstarter campaign. I am having some design work completed for sketches etc and working on costings, however here are some pics of the latest trooper. It still needs to set, litterally just finished, so the eyeset definition will stand out a little more. That or I dab another green socket on it, when ready

Hope you like them , I have to say I am really pleased! More info to follow


For the keen can probably see some RUSK militia Ive been working on. They have open helmets and scoped rifles. More on that I dont want to overload or bore people!



Comments allways welcome :)

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Spetsnaz Unit - RUSK's

I created these over 6 months ago, however never finished them due to other projects. They needed some guns changing and Ive finally got round to them!

The RUSK Spetsnaz unit contains two four man fire teams, armed with the latest AK Plasma Rifle. The rifle is a considerable upgrade to the original AK's and can fire in sniper mode, standard mode, LMG mode or even as a Grenade Launcher. The GL round fires a significant plasma 'grenade' towards its targets. All fire modes are fully integrated into the upgraded Helmet HUD. To provide support a single member of each fire team, carries a heavier plasma rifle with considerably more firepower including an under slung plasma 'RPG' round, which can even take out Armour.

All  Spetsnaz troops have passed the most dangerous and rigorous training programmes with the help of augmented programmes, such as enhanced skeleton, heightened senses and pain resistance.

Each Spetsnaz unit carries a fully automated Scout drone to provide greater awareness to the surrounding environment

let me know your thoughts :)


Friday 26 October 2012

The start of the Gun...WIP


start of the gun. Its a heavy weapons Im using for the upgunned Rusks. Ive actually just finished them off, well the infantry and will probably get them molded soon.
The weapon is a heavy plasma rifle, normally associated with a gun team or vehicle. I need to add a hose/belt to the backpack and add hands. Im quit liking it. Youll also notice the filters missing, these need to be reattached with a touch of glue.

Let us know what you think and more importanly would you buy them :)

I think im going to sharpen change the shoulder armour to.



Thursday 25 October 2012

A bit more work PA

So Ive added filters on the mask, left arm armour, backpack. This has two inlets in the top, heat exchange on rear, ammo compartment on side and extendable AT missile on side. This can be launched in the raised position directly

Got to work out the gun now. Big F$%^ Off Heavy Machine gun me thinks :)

Which is Ive got one

Then to decide is it worth producing it...

Power Armour....

After some initial discussions on TMP and for what I see as a lack of PA I actually want to use, I thought Id give it a go.

Session 1

 Session 2

Now Im thinking of what weapon to do and what backpack should I think on.





Wednesday 17 October 2012

painted Pics.....

Some not so bad, not so great painted figures of the new HQ and the ATGM MULE

more to come as I get a chance...

Observer Team prepare to fire Mortar Salvo

Friday 12 October 2012

Mule - Univeral Carrier - What do you think?

As it says on the tin.....:)

What do you think? The driver is positined a little more forward and in the open rear you can sit a fire team (4 figures, 6 at a push) Opposite the driver position I will fit a gun mount for a defence weapons. Should be ready in 2-3 weeks if I get the print in time!



Friday 5 October 2012

Manned M.U.L.E

Been playing around with the MULES and have come up with a couple of manned options as opposed to droid /AI. A scout and a med evac version

I think the driver needs to come forward a little bit more to the front, however let us know what you think?