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Armies Army
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Tuesday 25 February 2014

Enemy Unknown Reinforcements

Enemy Unknown...reinforcements

Ive the support weapons team added now, HQ and Heavy weapon 'Grav Bike' to follow. The support weapons, include Missile Team and shield bearer, a flame weapon, Heavy plasma launcher and a sniper. Ive a full advance photo with a little secret in the middle...... more to come 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Comrade Burtons - Cartographa Light Utility Vehicle

Comrade Burton Press Release

BDB are proud to present the newest addition to the vehicle fleets of the glorious RUSK forces. Designed for long distance mapping, observation and general reconnaissance, it shares many common components with other BDB designs. Designed for simple maintenance in the field, with robust engineering of components to guarantee a long service life, the Cartographa provides much needed autonomous operation. Powered by an efficient fuel cell, with electric drive to all wheels, with extensive storage capacity at the front of the vehicle, during testing our brave troops declared it a superb vehicle.

With protection against mines and other explosive attacks, and with excellent cross-country performance, the Cartographa will allow a crew of up to five troops to effortlessly complete their missions. A variety of weapons can be mounted in front of the multi-part roof hatch, which provides some protection for the exposed gunner. For operations where there is a reduced risk, the window shields can be removed, allowing much improved visibility, but maintaining crew protection thanks to the armoured glass.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Testing some ideas....Stalker esque'

Testing some 'Scavenger' Heads

A bit of talk about stalker/scavanger and survilast type stuff about at the moment and Its something I was looking at years back. I tried out some heads ,so I thought I may run some tests (it fits well with another range Im working on). Ive also included a new sculpt three down. Let us know what you think

Thursday 13 February 2014

Bogatyr - heavy tank of Russian Empire

Here it is

the Russian Empire MBT


The Bogatyr is the Main Battle tank of Russian Empire. It has a crew of 3 and armed with heavy gun located in an automated unmanned turret . Additional weaponry for point defense comes in the form  2 remote controlled machine guns (same type as on Kurganets-40 MGS). The Fusion Engine is located at the front, crew in middle section and auto-loader in rear section. Like modern Israeli Merkava tanks, Bogatyr have armored door at rear part of the hull to load the ammunition. By removing some of the ammo it is possible for Bogatyr to carry up to 5 passengers.

Thanks to SirFjodin (Nick) for this great design!

Its a great addition to Imperial Russia's armed forces

Thursday 6 February 2014

Incoming Report.......

Alpha Zebra Station

Delta Quadrant, 13

RUSK controlled Area

Incoming photo

Welcome to the Russian Empire....

Good day all

Ive been running my own campaign this past few months and its been around the Russian United States of Kirov System (Rusks) fight for Independence. An inter galactic war as it is. Also given that Ive a range of Neo sov vehicles coming out based on some very classic, yet wonderful (Im biased:))designs provide by Comrade Burton from the Buzzard Bureau and another line based on the next generation of Russian Designs by the again wonderful SirFjodin, I thought it might be a perfect time to also create some Imperialist Russians Infantry to. This way I can have two similar yet distinctive forces for my own civil war games, which I might add I can also provide to you.
Ill add that I'm also working on some background material for scenarios/campaigns that Ill be posting on my blog for others to use. Obviously many people have their own worlds and these forces will be quite distinctive to be counted as anything you chose for them :)

Anyhow, I'm rambling so Ill bring to you the first Imperial Russian forces APC. The Kurganet 40.

The Kurganet-40 APC is the latest Imperial Russian APC brought quickly into service the BTR290 series. It has a fully automated turret  and can carry 9 troops plus the Commander.
Several variations are also proposed including command, ambulance and Mobile Gun System.

Size is around 70x40x25mm .More information on the Infantry to follow soon

Comments welcome

thanks to SirFjodin and Comrade Burton :)

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Нормович - Normovich Family added to the ranks

Today Канюк конструкторское бюро are proud to announce completion of Нормович (translates as Normovich), the superior family of wheeled exploration and combat vehicles. Available in the four configurations;
4 x 4 Single hull
6 x 6 Single hull
8 x 8 Articulated Double hull
10 x 10 Articulated Double hull
Equipped with dual Fuel Cell power plants, powering advanced technology electric motors dedicated to each wheel, the Нормович has the power to go anywhere. With large, heavy tread tyres, the Нормович can cope with all terrains, and being fully amphibious, will not be stopped by a mere lake or river. Production examples will soon be rolling out every day in large quantities. Amongst the first to be issued to our glorious RUSK regiments will be the specially designed 10 x 10 articulated, dual barrelled 120mm Mortar version, which will provide much needed rapid fire, high explosive, support.
After extensive testing, the Нормович will also be deployed to the brave Internal Security units protecting our challenging frozen borders. Designed to allow long periods of operation, each vehicle contains a central corridor allowing even the tallest of our courageous soldiers to stand tall and proud whilst braving the worst Arctic storms. The ability to move around, and not be cramped by a restricted environment, has been proven to allow deployments far longer than in the inferior vehicles of our enemies. Equipped with weapon and other systems to meet each specific mission challenge, along with classified armour protection, the Нормович is clearly superior to any challenger in it’s class. The fully enclosed articulated corridor between the two parts of the larger vehicles, allows full use of extended hull space, whilst not limiting the Нормович’s excellent multi-terrain mobility. As always it is an honour to provide our brave soldiers with the best we can give during this Supreme Patriotic War.
Press release issued on behalf of Comrade Burton, Director, Канюк конструкторское бюро, and authorisation is granted for distribution via all approved news channels under the control of the Media Relations Department of Armies Army.

Comments welcome :)

These will be off to the printer over the next week