Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Monday 23 July 2012

A little bit closer....


Some work completed on the weapons upgrade troops. Let me know what you think. Still need a little work on stocks and tidying figure. I also need to add nozzle to the gun barrel once I cut them. This will be the last piece before I mold them for masters and production. Some need backpacks to do

The pack/group will consist of two 5 man fire teams.

team 1 - troop leader -rifle, 2 x rifle man 1 x  Heavy rifle/plasma launcher 1 gatling gun

team 2  - 3 x rifle man 1 x Heavy rifle/plasma launcher 1 Heavy plasma gunner

Team commander. He has side arm, rifle , wrist comms unit and backpack

Heavy Rifle with fusion G/L

 Rifle man
 more rifleman

2 Heavy rifles with Plasma Launcher
Heavy Plasma Gunner and Heavy MG - Galing gun

Here are more individual pictures

comments welcome

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Some rifle tests

let me know what you think

Left hand rifle to go on lower militia heads.

Either of the middle or right to go on sci fi helmet. I might try others


A little off with the scalpel



Thursday 12 July 2012

Web site - changes :)

Just to let you know, this page is under construction. With the immenent arrival of new figures, I thought id take the chance to make it a little easier to follow. Normal service will assume very soon :)




Monday 9 July 2012

weapons mods

Hi all

Ive been playing a little more with the weapon sculpts and to be honest I'm finding them very difficult to use. I'm really not sure I will be distributing them. You need to do a lot of work to get them to fit into correct positions and then green work. I know I wouldn't be arsed to use them so I'm not sure others will. Please feel free to tell me otherwise.

Alternatively, Ive been playing with wire and green stuff instead. Ive come up with a couple of modifications and will play a little more today.

Let us know what you think

Quite like this one

Kept the banana clip. The rear needs smoothing. Ill strip it off and do it again. However you get the idea
Lazer rifle

Poor picture, however its basically got a squared charge pack on the side. For some reason you cant pick it out that well on the angle of the pick
 You can see it better here

more to come

Thursday 5 July 2012

Quick and dirty head bashing

I thought Id give the heads a quick swap to see if they fit....

Heres the results. Very quick and dirty. Cut head off, drill hole and replace head. Ive added some ink to highight it better, but thats about it. I did have to trim the head scarve a little to fit, however Ill address this on the production copies.

With a little more care and green stuff, Id think they look really really cool:) Then I would. I made em :)

Im just working on the helmeted and gas mask options, so they will be next. Im then onto some weapon conversions.

comments welcome




Tuesday 3 July 2012

All at once.....

Good day all

just another update as things are about to start coming thick and fast!

So here are some sample pics of the next releases. The master molds are almost done, just need to touch up the medic and the grenade launcher. The missing commissioner and ATR/ sniper have been redone and await a master mould. Once I have these all ready, then Ill be casting the production moulds and ready for orders! Hopefully a few....

In no particular order and Ive still not decided on the whats in what pack, here are some samples.

On a second note, Ive also been playing with gun conversions so any comments would be really welcome. Ive another, which looks more like a FAMAS I am working on and another you can see on the next head swap photos. Yep, head swaps are also done...or nearly done

The head swaps are for the militia style trooper and lower class troops. No helmet optics for these guys, just a tin hat if they are lucky and nothing but cloth if they are not! They still have the trusty AK weapon, a tried and tested weapon if not the latest on the market! You can also see one concept weapon. Again comments welcome.

The helmeted head swaps will also have a gas mask version also.

As always comments welcome and suggestions gratefully received! In the next few weeks, I shall be releasing sneaky snippets and photos about a new force on the block. In the race for space colonisation, it was sure that the rusks would eventually pee someone off!

Thanks all