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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 24 April 2012

New Heavy Weapons part 1


Got a late package in the post today with one piece of my heavy weapons set.

I bring to you The AEGIS launch system. Its a grav sled, Radar and launcher. The weapon platform has an onboard AI system to drive it to the appropriate launch site and can then be launched remotely from a 2 man command squad. The Launcher can be loaded with a mix of Air to Ground missiles, Air to Air missiles and even Anti Tank missiles, replacing all other missile systems.

 Im just working on the 2 man crew and a production mould. The production mould process will remove any 'print' lines that currently show up ever so slightly. Some primer, varnish and a buff will remove them.

Options will be forthcoming, including a ammo carrier, gun platform and Evac system

Hope you all like them as much as i do :)


  1. Very cool! You might even find success as skimmers/vehicles for 6mm gamers. :) I would encourage you to remove as much of the 3d print lines as possible before molding. You'd be amazed as to what the molds will pick up and carry over to the production versions (speaking from experience here...)

  2. Sound advice

    I am hoping to get rid of all of it, alternatively Ive a plan B. I have another printer company printing at far better quality and supposedly no print lines! Just costs a little more :)

  3. Nice work, I recommend VisionProto for your printing.

  4. That'd make a lovely little skim-about for a city scene or something of similar accord.

  5. thanks Mad Robot Ill look at them

    Joshua, I was thinking the same on when I made them. A universal vehicle as such. The problem is it would need a seperate mould as the vehicle itself consists of 3 parts so I could use the same base mould. So its a base mould, a radar and another for the featured item/weapon

    If that makes sense.....