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Armies Army
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Tuesday 25 June 2013

An Armies Army heads up ....

Ive neglected my blog recently however given my circumstances I'm hoping I can be forgiven :) New job, two small children and now  a new anterior cruciate ligament...(as you do)are to blame, however given the fact I cant place any weight on my knee for the next two weeks, then only partial for 4-6 weeks Ive plenty of time to work on some armies army stuff with a little more organisation behind it!

With that in mind, I am moving on with my grand scheme. That is using the British troops as dollies and creating some new forces using them as a base. That basically means stripping my greens of weapons, heads, armor and webbing, leaving just the basic pose ,feet and hands.

These are in the process of being mastered (this week ) with several head options. Ive had my sculptor the very clever Martin Baker create several heads for me, so rather then building one line of infantry at a time, Ill have the heads to build quite a few. Well the infantry anyhow! Additions come later.  These forces include : From Top left to bottom right

The USA 
    The airframe design allows for multiple additions, for scopes, cameras, sensors and additional armor as per requirements.

The sub Asian Forces 
The Patka inspired helmet was designed for Sikh forces. It also conveniently is an excellent helmet and is being used by several sub continent forces . For the sci fi edge, it has its additional camera and sensors and will likely have an optional half visor/HUD

 Islamic Federation Forces (Soviet /RUSK sponsored forces) bottom left

These are very old school German DDR inspired. They will however have an array of sensors and cams incorporated under the large rims.  The rest will be a simple rusk head conversion, with some additional keffijeh's around shoulders.  Ill also add some goggles. Ill also have different HQ and the odd additional figure. I will also have some new heavy weapons. A recoiless rifle, mortars, HMG and ATGM teams

Sino / PLA forces. Bottom right
      As per my PLA concept artwork Ive designed a helmet and Martin has sculpted something that matches very well.

The European Federation Forces (German inspired) Single photo

As Ive already began work on these as per below, however Ive now the heads. I'm going to refine the shoulder armor, however they are pretty close to how I want them

and thats about it for now! More to follow as soon as I have my concentration back. Im still a little weak and hazy from Friday Op, however getting back to senses fairly steadily :)

Ive some information on vehicles and Ill post an update later :)

comments as always welcome!




  1. Hey Keith! Glad to hear your op went well and you are now recovering- no disco dancing this week though! The plans outlined look great, and you know I'll be having a dabble when things pan out, so I'm really looking forward to developments. Keep well!

  2. Good looking stuff! So are all the forces going to have their own weapons, etc?


  3. Cheers gunrunner i'lll do my best to resist the disco, however can't promise not to breakdance!


    They will look entirely new figures, only the pose will be the same. So new heads, armour, webbing, pouches and weapons.

  4. I love the NVA-style helmets, I think East Germans had the coolest headgear's very nice of you to have chosen that style...if sizewise your offer would prove to be compatible with Ozzdial Osmy's NVL (who also have a 'frying pan helmet') I think I'll buy a number to represent a sort of "Afrika Korps" of them!!!!

    Keep up the good work Keith!!!!!

  5. Oh, man up and stop feeling sorry for yourself!! :)

  6. Kill

    THe DDR helmet was just great! Wanted to use them for a while! I think they would match all my stuff and gzg stuff, however probably not OO stuff, they are a slighter. I aim to use them on my rusk militia to represent a whole host of rusk sponsored forces!

    As for you Alastair....I now have a kicking challenge to help speed up my recovery!!

  7. Excellent news, looking forward to them all!


  8. This comparison shot of an OO trooper with 2 GZG ones doesn't show too many differences,

    If your new offerings aren't significatively larger than the RUSK troops I think they could go together with OO (perhaps with some tricks, like giving the OO duded a slightly thicker base and the other ones a thinner ones, the same kind of stuff I did to my post-apoc warriors to mix them with slightly larger models from

  9. Sweet! I love the USA Head, Am planning picking up a few of them. Along with the PLA and Patka helmeted guys also.