Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Friday 2 August 2013

Quick and Dirty Painting Tutorial

I thought this might be helpfull for some people. However to be honest most people who visit this site can paint far better then me anyhow! :)

Stage 1 Clean

Stage 1 Prime - I use Halfords Car Primer - Grey

Stage 2 Clean again. I find the primer shows up more I need to clean. Not that I often do!

Stage 3 - Airbrush of paint base coat    Vallejo Russian Uniform (odd one LMG  is German grey Air)

Stage 4 - Wash  I use devlan mud or army painter strong tone and dark tone for LMG guy

Stage 5 - Block Colours -  Vallejo  Khaki for webbing and boots, GW battlegrey for weapon and LMG guy. Skin I use Tallarn Flesh

Stage 6 - Wash webbing again - Same wash colors. Face with Ogren Flesh wash

Stage 7 - Highlight - I use Coat d'arms Khaki for khaki areas and any mid grey for weapons

Stage 8 - craft pva base and dip in model railway ballast gravel

stage 9 - craft pva and sprinkle static grass

stage 10 - Varnish

Sounds slow, however each stage is really quick and drying time is minimal

Hope that's of some use all



  1. Thank you. This is the good stuff! A super effective, fast and easy approach to painting that turns out a mean looking mini.

    You genius.

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