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Sunday 23 March 2014

BDB - Internal Security vehicle series

I bring to you from Comrade Burton 

 Канюк конструкторское бюро
(Buzzard Design Bureau-BDB)
BDB are proud to present the latest range of Internal Security vehicles to provide essential support to the glorious RUSK forces in securing urban and liberated territories. Sharing many common components with other BDB designs, they are designed for simple maintenance in the field, with robust engineering of components to guarantee a long service life.
Details of each vehicle are set out in the following pages.

Powered by an efficient fuel cell, with electric drive to all wheels, the Remizov provides an economical, armoured transport. It can be fitted with numerous options, depending on the specific role it is destined for. Turret options (interchangeable with the proven BTR-160), include a variety of both lethal and non-lethal weapon systems. For example a targeted sonic heat generator is highly effective at dispersing crowds under the spell of traitors. The roomy rear compartment can provide seating for seven personnel, in addition to the squad commander and driver seated at the front of the vehicle. Filling this area with a large capacity optional water tank, the Remizov can double as an armoured fire engine, or more usually for crowd control, with a turret mounted water cannon. Also available are command and control, communications, light maintenance and ambulance variants. Whatever you mission, the Remizov can be configured to meet your requirements.

Powered by an efficient fuel cell, with electric drive to all wheels, the Dukhovich provides an economical transport, capable of carrying eight passengers and their equipment, in addition to the driver. Built with lightweight composite bodywork and toughened glass, the Dukhovich protects its occupants against small arms rounds, thrown missiles and improvised firebombs. The air filtering pod on the roof is also proven against these threats, and can filter out all commonly used crowd control gases.

Dukhovich PV (Protected Version)
For deployments where the standard Dukhovich may not provide sufficient protection, an up armoured version is available. In addition to the substantial armoured window shields, the bodywork is enhanced by internal additional armour panels. These are installed in specially designed cavities in the standard version, allowing any such vehicle to be upgraded to the PV variant. Using the upgrade kit, two skilled technicians can convert a standard vehicle in a matter of hours.

Designed for deployment alongside the Dukhovich, the Kresik can fulfil a variety of roles. It has proven very successful for carrying equipment and supplies, incident clean-up, and as a prisoner transport. Utilising the same chassis and power system as the Dukhovich, along with the same level of protection, the Kresik is a versatile vehicle, as well as being extremely economical to operate.

Kresik PV (Protected Version)
Like the Dukhovich, the Kresik is also available in an up armoured version. In the case of the Kresik, the upgrade kit comprises of two sub-options. One only improves the protection of the cab area, the other, both the cab and rear container.

All of them together!

A fine local security force series for vehicles Ill be adding to the soon to be printed list! Thanks again Andrew!

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  1. These look excellent, Keith- a great addition to the family!

  2. Very nice variants they all look excellent!

  3. Excellent looking concepts here. You've captured the para-military/internal security look very well!