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Tuesday 16 December 2014

No Stars in Sight Hard SciFi platoon level warfare

""Tactical Gain of 4.7% from estimated attack vectors"
The AI module kept chattering as incoming gauss fire churned up the ground. On the screens, they had made enlistment look pretty slick. Powered armour suits, gravity suspension vehicles, high tech wizardry.
It's still mud and blood. No matter how good the tech, in the end, you still need someone to bleed in the mud.
Welcome to the battlefields of the 22nd century.
* * * * *
No Stars in Sight is your guide to platoon level "hard scifi" warfare on a near-future battlefield.
Using the battle-tested game mechanics of No End in Sight, the game offers you:
A turn sequence that keeps you involved and making choices about how hard to push each squad leader.
Movement and reaction fire mechanics that emphasize the difficulty in maneuvering over open ground. Every rush across that fire swept ground is a gamble. This is not your dads opportunity fire!
Combat rules that are straight forward and emphasize suppression over unrealistic casualty rates.
A solid military feel.
A variety of troop types possible: Insurgents, special operations teams, powered armour "walking tanks" bristling with fire power.
A high-tech battlefield: Hackers, drone operators, grav tanks, exo-suits and much more.
Campaign rules and random scenario generation.
A full-featured points system to help guide your scenario setup.
A series of aliens covering 12 archetypes from popular fiction and scifi media. Implacable robots, skittering bugs and ancient, refined aliens rub shoulders with honourable warriors and horrifying human-machine hybrids.
* * * * *
A typical game is a reinforced platoon with vehicles in support.
Any figures in your collection can be used, provided they are based individually. Ideal for 15mm.
This is a full stand-alone game and does not require a copy of No End in Sight to play.
Please note if you participated in the beta, contact me with the email used for your complimentary copy."

Perfect Id say for my figures!

Which is cool as I've made the front cover! :)

So many thanks to Ivan. They are also very very cool and I've been reading up on them. I've read some of the Beta AAR's and some of the beta chats. A lot of effort have been put into these and it really shows. Ill be playing a game this weekend! Solo.....which are also covered!

They are available at

And you get a massive 108 pages!  
Rules are often questioned about cost, however if you really saw the time and effort you'd see that for the price of a few pints its a really good investment.

That and I've a number of my pics in the rules :) It has some great other pics to...particularly like the Odzial Army ones :)

I've also  a bunch of other pics Id did for the book, so Id thought Id share some of them here. No more reason then for eye candy and feedback. Always interested in improving my figures , painting , scenery and photography :)

Ill post an AAR this weekend




  1. Cool. The pictured scenes give the figures and vehicles some imagined action. Nice job.

  2. When I get a chance this weekend, I'll do up some ready to go stats and costs for the Rusk. They'll fit in pretty easy but having them already pointed out will make life easy :)

  3. Cheers jay

    Cheers Ivan! Let us know If I can help

  4. Do you have a list somewhere of what figures (count and armament) comes in each pack? Mine are all mixed up now.

  5. Your pictures are absolutely fantastic. I LOVE how thematic they are... seriously. I don't think I've seen 15mm guys with such thematic photos ever.

  6. I'll talk him up a little and note that in the packs, all the figures are individually posed. Very nice touch.