Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 25 October 2012

Power Armour....

After some initial discussions on TMP and for what I see as a lack of PA I actually want to use, I thought Id give it a go.

Session 1

 Session 2

Now Im thinking of what weapon to do and what backpack should I think on.






  1. It's a good concept so far, is there anyway to make him taller? As for the backpack, something chunky; an obvious heat sink, or power source, or the like. Maybe give the weapon a line to the pack. Or at least make the weapon something obviously too large/beefy for a regular trooper to be able to carry.

  2. Very cool armor, i'd like to see something like a plasma coil or a series of vents and tubes, rather than your typical backpack, with gauges and dials and wot. The gun, i'd like to see one of the normal support weapons, but have it carried by him, say he's hefting a .50 cal or a javelin missile system.

  3. Thanks all

    Not sure I can make it taller, bulkier yes and with the addition of the backpack , that might help. I like the vents/tubes heat sink theme, so that's what Ill work on tonight. Im thinking of using a HMG for the gun on one figure, so Ill see If I can add that. Other alternatives are the plasma weapon, chain gun and also the rail gun. I want to keep weapons similar to the average grunt as much as possible

  4. Arm the PA with whatever your heavy weapons guys are lugging around. I would suspect that, initially, PA allows a commander to advance and assault with the heavy weapons that are usually only used for defence, or mounted on vehicles - heavy, possibly multi-barreled machine guns or light cannons; railguns or other Mass Drivers such as VRF Gauss Guns; energy weapons; bunker busting equipment like SWAT team door openers, but designed to crack walls and defences.