Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 31 January 2012


Let the process begin......

The figures

First steps taking today!  Making the master mould. First up aligning the figures in the silican based mould and adding the alignement studds. Also removed the centre so it fits into the machinary for spinning.

The mould is then added to the compressor base (want for a better word) with lots of silican spray to help release it

Its then added to this beast and vulcanised for about an hour at 110 degrees.

Once cooked the mould is removed and ready for cutting the channels and feeds. This is were cuts are made to allow the flow of metal on spinning. Once completed its ready for some master figures!

Before it looks like I know what this is all about...Id like to thank Mike from Black Hat Miniatures. Mikes provided me with the means, skills and time to start this process and its his skills thats running the show! So big thanks to Mike


  1. Great to see, very excited about this range... Kudos to you and Black Hat!

  2. This is a neat, behind-the-scenes look at where figs are born. Looking forward to more.

  3. Good to hear there is progress! Really looking forward to this range-well done!

  4. Are you making the moulds yourself or are they being done by Black Hat?