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Armies Army
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Wednesday 1 February 2012

jumping the gun....

Right then

Despite not finishing my WIP for my production figures, I got home today to find some test casts ready for me! They are from the master mould which I will create my production mould. So here they are

These are straight from the mould with a little black wash to highlight it for the pics better. Ive still to work out how to use the camera correctly, however dont think they look to bad. At some point I will picture each up individually so they look a little more animated.

Very pleased with them and fit nicely with a few other ranges I think. Here is a comparison shot up against the fantastic GZG and Khurasan miniatures.

Finally.....any suggestions as to where I post these announcements for marketing purposes? I so far use TMP and lead aventure forum, however the more I use the better :)

Next up finishing the WIP and painting some up



    These seem to be your best bets at the moment. For TMP you currently can't run news items unless you're an advertiser, but you can still post stuff in the forums.

    I'm curious as to whether you're considering people to take your stuff to shows yet.

  2. Hi Ben

    thanks for the links. Im open to all suggestions currently :)


  3. Great progress, can't wait to get painting these guys.

  4. I'm with Spacejacker-I'm looking forward to splashing some paint on these heros!

  5. This one can be interesting:

    He has a forum and a really open rulebook system.

    Best regards.