Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Thursday 5 July 2012

Quick and dirty head bashing

I thought Id give the heads a quick swap to see if they fit....

Heres the results. Very quick and dirty. Cut head off, drill hole and replace head. Ive added some ink to highight it better, but thats about it. I did have to trim the head scarve a little to fit, however Ill address this on the production copies.

With a little more care and green stuff, Id think they look really really cool:) Then I would. I made em :)

Im just working on the helmeted and gas mask options, so they will be next. Im then onto some weapon conversions.

comments welcome





  1. Nicely done. Good little conversion kits

  2. First three look great, Keith. Last one looks a bit out of scale in the bonce department, but otherwise you've convinced me that I want some! Good on yer!