Armies Army

Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 3 July 2012

All at once.....

Good day all

just another update as things are about to start coming thick and fast!

So here are some sample pics of the next releases. The master molds are almost done, just need to touch up the medic and the grenade launcher. The missing commissioner and ATR/ sniper have been redone and await a master mould. Once I have these all ready, then Ill be casting the production moulds and ready for orders! Hopefully a few....

In no particular order and Ive still not decided on the whats in what pack, here are some samples.

On a second note, Ive also been playing with gun conversions so any comments would be really welcome. Ive another, which looks more like a FAMAS I am working on and another you can see on the next head swap photos. Yep, head swaps are also done...or nearly done

The head swaps are for the militia style trooper and lower class troops. No helmet optics for these guys, just a tin hat if they are lucky and nothing but cloth if they are not! They still have the trusty AK weapon, a tried and tested weapon if not the latest on the market! You can also see one concept weapon. Again comments welcome.

The helmeted head swaps will also have a gas mask version also.

As always comments welcome and suggestions gratefully received! In the next few weeks, I shall be releasing sneaky snippets and photos about a new force on the block. In the race for space colonisation, it was sure that the rusks would eventually pee someone off!

Thanks all



  1. All looking great, Keith! Let us know when stuff is available- credit card is ready!

  2. Thanks mate, Ive not forgotten the free pack I offered, however I wanted to send you one of the newer packs. Its just taken longer then expect to get them out!!!

    1. No problem! I'm really looking forward to the new 'uns as well!

  3. Im ready with my pay-pal i just need a release date....

  4. Very cool, will you be selling head packs and weapon packs? I'd buy a bunch. Always good for conversions.

    Especially weapons packs :)

  5. Gas Mask would make your figures 100% desirable for my STALKER project, probably as Monolith. I will definitely buy them!

  6. Looking forward to getting my grubby hands on them, the Peoples Republic of Volstag needs some heavy weapons.

  7. Ta all

    Gas masks on those green heads are coming! Need to make masters first and then add mask

    I'm thinking on the heads and weapons packs, its tricky as I need to pay for a production mould for heads and weapons and need to think If I can cover costs. Sadly its all about covering my cost, or the wife will stop me! Worst case though Harold Ill do a special order for you

    I love the sound of the peoples republic of volstag!

  8. Sign me up for head swap packs, they look amazing! (I'll obviously be grabbing the other stuff too...)