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Armies Army
15mm Sci Fi Metal Miniatures

Tuesday 2 October 2012

Late ....again

Sorry all

Major problem with a gun shield, simply could not cast it regularly. So, we had to restart and rebuild. Masters are being created today and then production moulds. Should be....I say should be ready very soon.

As a bonus for the delays.....sort of! I have also created a grav drone/sled. This comes in combat and none combat versions. Differences are subtle. On the combat versions, we have a reactive armour system on the none combat...we don't! I also have two weapons systems. The arsenal system fires vertical launched missiles. It can fire a number of different rocket/missile types including mortar barrages. The second is a more common heavy ATGM launcher. Either can be controlled by remote or fire team. They are also fully integrated to the platoon leaders or Arty Observers helmet for my loyal comrades the Rusks's.
Another version Ive sculpted and finished is the combat E-Vac. This is a casualty evacuation sled to remove injured comrades on the battlefield.  Pictures to follow very soon!

Another option I am going to try out is a manned version. Can be used as a scout utility vehicle. I just need to see if two figures look like they can fit in.

All 3 heavy weapons can also all attach, however I suspect the HMG and GL work and look best!

I am also going to announce plans for my next line. The commonwealth forces. I simply do not have the resources/funds to cast all figures at once, which I believe is required. I don't think the piecemeal release plan works for me or my customers. So...I am looking at a kickstarter . It will consist of around 20 figures, heavy weapons etc etc and Ill need to raise around the region of £1200 to cover costs. Again, all I aim is to cover my costs and the kickstarters :) Anyhow its all in planning, Ive some professional sketches to show the figures and a test sculpt almost ready to go. The main question is, do I wait until the uk kickstarter is out ( autumn some time) or simply go with the American version. I have an American bank account from my time there so maybe its easier to do that. Plus...if it all fails, Ill simply release bit by bit, unless I get that lottery win!

Anyhow....Ill be back tomorrow with some pics

thanks for your time! Appreciated



  1. Let me know when the kickstarter, er, kicks in- I'll be there!

  2. Appreciated Despite the corny pun :)